The Daily LITG, 15th January 2019 – Happy Birthday, Scott Snyder

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Five most read stories yesterday

  1. Activision Blizzard Reportedly Under Investigation for Fraud
  2. Bad News 'The Orville' Fans- Yes, [SPOILER] Has Exited Fox Series
  3. Channel 4 Takes Rick And Morty From Netflix in the UK, Will Air and Stream Season 4 Exclusively
  4. Batman/Flash Heroes In Crisis Crossover Now Called 'The Price' – And Who Killed Robin Anyway?
  5. Marvel's Age Of X-Man and a Brief History Of Utopian/Dystopian Sexuality (Spoilers)

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

  • Scott Snyder, writer of Batman, Justice League, American Vampire, Witches and AD.
  • Norman Felchle, artist on Spider-Man, Darkhold, Action Comics, Batman, Resident Evil, WildC.A.T.S. Adventures.
  • Stephen Robson, publisher of Ponent Mon and owner of all things Fanfare.
  • Lee Duhig, Chief creative officer at Antarctic Press.
  • Jacq Cohen, Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions at Fantagraphics Books.

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