Ring of Elysium Adds a Volcano Map for Season 2

Ring of Elysium Adds a Volcano Map for Season 2

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credit// Aurora Studios

Aurora Studios announced Ring of Elysium‘s Adventurer Pass Season 2 and a new gameplay update will launch on January 16th. The gameplay update includes three new characters and modes of transportation, as well as a new map, which is set around an active volcano.

The new map brings players to a Mediterranean-inspired locale called Europa Island, which is home to an active volcano named Alecto. The map also includes a cross-harbor submarine tunnel, which players will need to race through in order to reach the rescue helicopters and escape from Alecto’s destruction.

The track around the volcanic island should fit in nicely with Ring of Elysium‘s other adrenaline-fueled maps, while also bringing in some new forms of extreme transport. The Europa Island update brings BMX bikes, hang gliders, and grappling hooks to the game, in order to let players take advantage of the volcano’s high vantage points.

Finally, the update also brings new weapons in the form of the MG4 and PKM to give players even more tactical options in their quest for survival.

Ring of Elysium is available for free on Steam, with the Europa Island update coming on January 16, 2019. You can check out the coming features in the trailer below.

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