FFG Sends in the NPC's for the Star Wars RPG System

FFG Sends in the NPC’s for the Star Wars RPG System

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Fantasy Flight Games is set to send in a veritable army of Non-Player Characters for their Star Wars role-playing game, with a roster of some of the franchise’s all-time greatest heroes and villains.

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The galaxy is in turmoil. No one can escape the Galactic Civil War, especially the troops and commanders who battle on innumerable worlds throughout the stars. Civilians struggle to survive through legitimate or illegal means, while the scale of combat threatens even the wildlife on many worlds. It is these individuals, from lowly droids to powerful Force users, who will decide the outcome of the war and the future of the galaxy.

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Allies and Adversaries will introduce 130 new NPC profiles, each one perfectly tailored for any of the three Star Wars games settings available, so you can plug Jyn Erso into any setting, whether it be the Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny sourcebooks. Fantasy Flight has even gone so far as to include story beats for game masters, too!

Each NPC entry includes not only the profile for that character or character type, but also plenty of Game Master tips for using the character in your own games—ranging from places where this NPC is likely to be found to how they typically interact with others. Furthermore, ideas for potential encounters with these characters are also presented, giving Game Masters the seeds they need to easily incorporate these characters into their campaign.

So, who’s in the new book? We already mentioned Jyn Erso, who will come with information on how to play her either as one of Saw Guerrera’s mercenaries or as one of her aliases that she used prior to the events of Rogue One. There will also be complete stats and background information on Boba Fett, which will be great for games that need a little extra menace thrown in. You can also throw some serious danger juice into your game session with Emperor Palpatine! Or, you could get down to business with the most terrifying creatures ever to hit the spaceways, and introduce fully playable Ewoks to your games. Shudder at their furry fury!

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The art in the book is top-notch, which will make Allies and Adversaries a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection! This all-new sourcebook for the Star Wars role-playing game will be available in the second quarter of 2019, check with your local game-store for pre-order information.

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