Treyarch Releases More Details on the 1.11 Update for Black Ops 4

Treyarch Releases More Details on the 1.11 Update for Black Ops 4

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As a bit of a prelude to the release of the 1.11 update this month, Treyarch has released a few new details of what’s to come in Black Ops 4. The post was made to Reddit, which had a lot of detail about the upcoming 115 Zombies event that will run through January 15th-18th, but the more interesting news came for the multiplayer and Blackout modes. We learned the Elevation and Madagascar maps will be added to the mix for pass holders, and a new looting interface would be coming to Blackout that is supposed to make grabbing items faster (or at least more efficient). Here’s what they had to say on it:


Blackout: Improved Looting Interface on Consoles, New Limited-Time Modes

This update also delivers our new looting interface to Blackout on consoles, allowing players to scroll through a multi-row grid, loot the items they’re looking for, and get back to the action as quickly as possible. This should also alleviate some other interface issues that console players have experienced in the past, and we’re excited to hear what you think when the update drops next week.

We’ve also got two new limited-time modes coming soon to Blackout starting next week! We’ll have all the details on what each of these new modes brings to the game in an upcoming update, plus the reveal of more Blackout news coming soon.

Sadly, none of the info includes a date and time for when they plan to implement the new additions into Black Ops 4. Maybe we’ll get an update from the devs on social media come Monday.

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