Black Panther Plays Moneyball with the New Secret Avengers (Avengers #12 and Thor #9 Spoilers)

Black Panther Plays Moneyball with the New Secret Avengers (Avengers #12 and Thor #9 Spoilers)

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Today’s Avengers #12 featured the new Secret Avengers, the Agents of Wakanda, operating out of the Avengers HQ and run by the Black Panthr, the current chairman of the Avengers. And creating a team unable to do what the others cannot – and recruiting a team who may be mocked individually but who are recruited for their specific and ofter underrated skillbase in the Marvel Universe.

We have the cover team… but that’s only the start.

Black Panther, Okoye, Odin, Wasp, Ka-Zar and Gorilla Man.

But that’s only the beginning. Thor #9 also written by Jason Aaron looks at the recruitment of Ros Solomon, ex-partner of Thor and former Shield agent, heading towards the War Of The Realms…

Weaponised up with a Vibranium super suit and a Vibranium bullet gun….

Oh and a flying car as well. Unnamed so far. All Terrain Mobile Command Post? I’ll call him Al.

So. Agent Solomon. Who else is playing Moneyball?

Well, Jason Aaron is digging deep and delightfully into his own back catalogue and those of others too.

Broo, from X-Men, a great character, a mutant member of the Brood alien race who, rather than attacking Earth, rebelled and enrolled in Xavier’s School for the Gifted when Jason Aaron was writing Wolverine And The X-Men. A planet-level genius who hasn’t been seen in ages. And a gift to us all. Who else?

We have American Eagle, created by Doug Moench and Ron Wilson in 1981, a member of the Navajo nation with superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, sturdiness and senses as a result of radiation-induced mutation. A minor character through the eighties and nineties, picked up by Warren Ellis for  Thunderbolts in 2007, then getting his own digital comic written by Jason Aaron back in 2008.

Dr Nemesis was originally created by unknown creators in 1941 and remade for Marvel Comics by Roy Thomas and Dave Hoover in the Invaders in 1993. He gained greater prominence in Cable and X-Force in 2012, he is a genius who has remade his body for long life and powered abilities.

Fat Cobra, first introduced in The Immortal Iron Fist was one of the Immortal Weapons character who got their own series in July 2009 written by, you guessed it, Jason Aaron.

We have the son of J Jonah Jameson, John Jameson, vampire-hunting space-werewolf.

We have Morbius, The Living Vampire, primed for his own TV/movie spinoffs. Yes, there is a vampire problem they are dealing with. Which means a final page reveal for the team’s new leader.

Man, how many times can this comic pull off a final page reveal of Blade? Especially with all these vampires about?

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness, Cory Smith (CA) Alan Davis
It’s hard to run the Avengers without a support staff. And for a team as wild, weird and insanely powerful as this new Avengers squad, just one Jarvis would never do. Luckily, Black Panther has assembled the wildest and weirdest support staff you’ve ever seen. Meet Gorilla Man, Ka-Zar and the rest of the Agents of Wakanda.In Shops: Jan 09, 2019
SRP: $3.99

(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Michael Del Mundo
With S.H.I.E.L.D. gone, Roz Solomon has been left adrift in a world full of homeless gods and mislaid hammers. Now this Asgardian ally is about to take on a surprising new role – and make a million new enemies. For the War of the Realms is coming…and the invasion of Earth may have already begun. Cue the Frost Giants! Rated T+ In Shops: Jan 09, 2019 SRP: $3.99


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