How Bill Schanes Changed the Paperwork Rules at Diamond

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We continue to follow Bill Schanes‘ adventures through his past as a Vice President at Diamond Comic Distributors, while walking round the finest graffiti and street artwork in Europe.

Of course, this is not the first time he has travelled this far. Indeed it seems that at Diamond he seems to have developed a wanderlust. And suffered the consequences. He writes of the paperwork…

While working for Diamond Comic Distributors, as one of my responsibilities, I attended international trade shows and conventions.

In one particular 6-week stretch, I attended the Hong Kong Toy Fair, a London comic book convention, a trade show in Frankfurt and the Tokyo Toy Fair. It was a lot of mileage, time away from my family and the office as well.

I had expense report receipts in Hong Kong dollars, Japanese Yen, English Pounds and German Marks (prior to the Euro coming into play), plus some US expenses. I hadn’t realized how much of my personal money I had spent, as back then, Diamond hadn’t issued credit cards to those that traveled, so turning in your expense reports in a timely manner was extremely important, both for Diamond to account for these expenses, but more importantly, for employees, so they had money to pay off the credit card expenses that were incurred on the companies behalf.

I was very frustrated with my build up of receipts, so much so when I finally got around to submitting my expense reports for reimbursement from Diamond, I had racked up over $13,000 work of receipts.

About a week after submitting a small box full of receipts, I was reimbursed by Diamond (Diamond has always been fantastic about turning around expense reports reimbursements, usually within 7-days or less).

Shortly afterwards, Diamond instituted a new company policy that all expense reports had to be turned in within 10-days after the trip was concluded (or otherwise known early on as the Bill Schanes expense report policy).

My bad!

Diamond employees, you now have a figure to blame.

Erik Ko, Editor-In-Chief of Udon Studios replied,

You should be proud to have a policy named after you…. LOL

Bill retorted,

Funny now, not at that time.

Which reminds me, I need to file my taxes before the end of the month. Time to find all my receipts…

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