A Marvel Classic Line? Don McGregor, Tell Us More…

Don McGregor is a well-regarded comic book writer who began working for Marvel as a proofreader in the seventies, before becoming a writer and editor for the publisher, writing Killraven and Black Panther comic books, creating much that would be used by the recent movie. On Facebook the other day, he revealed,

I got a call from Marvel yesterday that would stand in unbelievable contrast to 1975 Marvel Editorial.  Stunned me!

Was this a good thing? Tyrant creator Steve Bissette stated,

That’s how they fool us old codgers, Don.

But Don replied

I read you on that, Stephen. But believe me, what the person who is talking to me about would never have been remotely thought, never mind said, by mid-1970s Editorial. If it happens I will truly be shaking my head in disbelief.

Writer Karen Opas-lanouette suggested,

Maybe they’ll launch a Marvel Classics line, with favourite writers and artists!

To Don’s response

You are in the area of what is being talked about happening. I’ll be more explicit when I learn more, and understand it more.

We will all wait and see…

© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

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