Power-Mad X-Editor Jordan White Promoted at Marvel

Ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing X-Men editor Jordan White has been named a Senior Editor at Marvel, White revealed on Twitter Friday. The promotion comes just weeks after White declared “Wow, so Bleeding Cool did an article about my thoughts on Ween. Can I get them to write an article about ANYTHING I tweet on Mondays?”

It’s unknown whether White’s perceived influence over Bleeding Cool articles on Mondays was a factor in his promotion, but White has made clear on Twitter that he believes he can reliably secure a Bleeding Cool article about “anything I want” on Mondays, so long as he does not tweet about the internationally recognized holiday of #XMenMonday.

White, who runs what is objectively the most important comic book franchise in all of comics, has frequently shirked tradition on #XMenMonday, refusing to post the usual previews of upcoming X-Men books in favor of promoting his career as a musical recording artist or celebrating holidays. In fact, the last time White posted any #XMenMonday previews was way back in 2018, which we would like to remind our readers was last year.

After receiving the promotion on Twitter, White touted his accomplishments and quick rise to power, calling his previous appointment to run the X-Office “a huge deal,” and his latest promotion “an absolute thrill.”

White also confirmed that he will continue to rule the X-Men offices under his new title.

With seemingly nothing to stop White’s march toward power, will he soon be Marvel’s next Editor-in-Chief? More importantly, will he actually tweet some damn X-Men previews on #XMenMonday next week? And if he doesn’t, will his claims that he can force Bleeding Cool to produce an article about anything he tweets prove true?

You’ll have to check Bleeding Cool on Monday to find out, true believers. Keep refreshing the page if you don’t see anything yet.

Look! We’ve… we mean, he’s already got you eating out of the palm of his hand.

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