The Blacklist Season 6: A Bank Robbery Gone Wrong Goes Right For Red (PREVIEW)

With less than two weeks to go before James Spader returns to NBC for a sixth season of action-thriller The Blacklist, fans of Raymond “Red” Reddington are getting a chance to check out the action-packed first five minutes of the upcoming season premiere. Set to return on Thursday, January 3rd, the following clip shows Red in in typical fine form: working his own agenda, enforcing “proper etiquette” when it comes to high-level robberies, and demonstrating the best time to “cut weight” for an effective getaway.

Bet he wishes the season would stay this way…

That’s because the show’s first official promo shows the reign of “Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington” (Spader) finally coming to an end. Arrested and sent to prison to pay for his crimes, looks like there’s nothing much left to see here: justice is done and everyone lives happily ever after…

Except there’s two problems with that scenario:

● We know (spoiler) that “Red” isn’t the real Raymond Reddington and that “she’s-clearly-someone’s-daughter” Liz Keen (Megan Boone) knows this – but “Red” doesn’t know that Liz knows:

“Not only is she trying desperately to unravel the truth of who this man is and why he entered her life and why he chose her, but she’s also having to try to be present in a very caring way, because he doesn’t know that she knows the truth. It makes for some really interesting and complex situations to put her in. She’s sort of feigning concern for him while still trying to work the mystery and unravel a greater sort of truth.”

– Jon Bokenkamp, Executive Producer

blacklist red bank preview

In addition to that, “Red’s” arrest puts Liz and the task force in the position where they have to disavow “Red” while covering their tracks and tracking a possible traitor in their ranks:

“They can’t just go in and say, ‘Hey, guess what, he’s on our team. Red’s sort of left on this island out there trying to fend for himself. Seeing what his life would be like completely turned upside down and how he navigates that system — we just thought that was a really interesting, dark story to tell that we haven’t done yet.”

– Bokenkamp

● And if that was the end of the story, there really wouldn’t be much to see in this promo for NBC’s The Blacklist… right?

“We’ve always thought that someday on the show we would like to dramatize Red getting arrested. He’s the most wanted man in America, a fugitive who’s managed to elude the authorities for 30 years, so we always thought, just in theory, that it would be a great story to see what happens when he is in fact arrested.”

– Bokenkamp

The Blacklist returns to NBC for its two-part, two-night season 6 premiere on Thursday, January 3, at 10 p.m. ET.

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