The Good Place Season 3: Our "Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs!" Recap (BC Rewind)

The holidays are upon us – that means sneaking off for a reprieve from festivities and catching up on our favorite shows. After taking you on the a tour of the first two seasons, Bleeding Cool is back to get you up to speed on one of our favorite show's third season – in between all that eggnog and midnight kissing, of course: NBC's The Good Place.

So fear not! We've got you covered with all the things you need to know – before Aunt Martha drops some spoilers on you over the holiday ham. Holy forking shirtballs, I almost forgot! To avoid any "spoiler coal: in your stocking this Christmas, tread carefully…

Season 3 opens with our favorite foursome of humans back right at their points of death, except this time they're saved by Michael (Ted Danson), in attempts to get them on the right path in their mortal lives.

Eleanor (Kristen Bell)saw a lecture online by Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and decided to fly to Australia and ask him to teach her how to be a good person. Upon digging further, they both realize they had a near death experience on the same day, prompting them to find others who almost died that day as well.

This brings all of our favorite humans to Australia to form a moral ethics research group, so Chidi and his fellow scientist love interest Simone (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) can study the psychology of what makes people good and the effects of near-death experiences have on the brain and morality.


Back in the afterlife, Michael and Janet (D'Arcy Carden)are monitoring the humans, and unknown to the Judge (Maya Rudolph), they're meddling and pulling strings, which is a big no-no of the afterlife.

Little do the humans know, Michael isn't the only one who's taken an interest in the humans lives; bad place douche-bag Trevor (Adam Scott) has gone to earth and joined the research study group.

Of course, Trevor does anything and everything he can to annoy everyone and pit them against each other in effort to sabotage them and send them straight to the bad place, so he can torture them for eternity.


The Judge soon finds out about all the unapproved Earth shenanigans and puts a swift end to anybody interfering from this point on. This drives Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) and the other demons to build their own door to earth, so they can take the humans they deserve. Meanwhile, Michael and Janet run away from the wrath of the Judge and flee to earth, stuck there, with no powers.

While trapped on earth, the humans accidentally overhear Michael and Janet explaining about the entire afterlife – which stops them from earning any more points for the afterlife. This sets them on a quest to not only help everyone they love get enough points to get into the good place, but they also strive to learn exactly what "good enough" looks like on earth.


The demons complete their backdoor portal to Earth and attack our reluctant "Soul Squad". Thanks to Janet's badass kung-fu, the day is saved…for about 5 minutes. When more demons approach, Janet does the only thing she can think of – takes the humans from earth (effectively killing them) and stashes them in "The Janet Void."

By the midseason finale, the gang learns that the system's rigged – and it's been that way for a long time: nobody has gotten anywhere close to getting into the good place in over 500 years. So when things go sideways and our heroes need to escape "judgment," they pop out of Janet's void by going directly from accounting into the good place…

Holy forking shirtballs! The actual good place?!?

good place season3 rewind

And that's where we leave our heroes for the holidays, fans! Will they stay in the good place? Is the good place really that good? Did the demons rig the system (those bastards!)? Or is someone – or something – else pulling the strings?

Looks like we'll find out on January 10th when The Good Place returns to "The NBC Place."

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