Black Ops 4’s 1.10 Update Makes Major Changes to Blackout

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Treyarch has sent out the latest 1.10 update to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, and a good chunk of those changes and additions come to Blackout. We have some of the new additions below, which you can read in detail here, but the biggest has to be the Blackout custom games which allow you to create your own version of the battle royale with up to 12 players. Yeah, kinda small, but we’re guessing this is the experimental phase before they start making bigger lobbies. These games will support Solos, Duos, and Quads, and full character customization and weapon camo support. There’s also a number of bug fixes that people have been yelling about since Day 1 that should be curbed now.


Operation Absolute Zero has arrived on Xbox One and PC, granting all players free access to a huge new season of content:

  • Multiplayer: Zero, Black Ops 4’s new Specialist armed with the EMP Disruptor grenade and Ice Pick hacking tool.

  • Blackout: The debut of Hijacked, the new ARAV armored vehicle, and new IX Zombies Character Missions.

  • Black Market: 100 new Tiers of earnable loot, including new MP weapons, Blackout characters, Mastercrafts, Epic Outfits, Reactive Camos, Weapon Camos, and more.

And for Black Ops Pass holders on Xbox One and PC, we’ve got exciting new game content in all three modes:

  • Two new Multiplayer maps: Elevation and Madagascar.

  • Dead of the Night, an all-new Zombies experience starring Kiefer Sutherland, Helena Bonham Carter, Brian Blessed, and Charles Dance.

  • Black Ops 3 fan-favorite Reaper joins the cast of Blackout.

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