TMNT FCBD Solicit Reveals Details on Turtles’ 100th Issue Plans, Teases Possible Death

With IDW gearing up to celebrate 100 issues of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing series, it’s no surprise that TMNT is the focus of their Gold Free Comic Book Day issue. What is surprising (or perhaps not) are the details revealed in the solicit for what we can expect from that 100th issue.

Fans who have been keeping up with the TMNT Macroseries and read Leonardo’s issue already know that Karai is back…

And she wants control of the Foot Clan. Fortunately, as far as Leonardo is concerned, she’s welcome to it, which is no surprise considering Splinter has been kind of a dick since taking over.

Karai doubts that Splinter will agree so easily. And if the solicit below is any indication, it seems he will not, as the solicit says that New York City has “just erupted into war as Splinter battles Karai for control of the Foot Clan.” And it’s hard to ignore the title of the issue: “Casualty of War.” So who’s gonna die then?

Free Comic Book Day takes place on May 4th, 2019.

IDW Publishing

(W) Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (A) Dave Wachter (CA) Dave Wachter

The road to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ 100th issue begins! New York City has just erupted into war as Splinter battles Karai for control of the Foot Clan with the Turtles caught in the middle! Find out how the Turtles got to this point as they battle some of their fiercest foes in this special FCBD offering!
Rating: Teen

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