Kings of War: Vanguard Charges into the New Year with New Dwarf Faction

Mantic Games was kind enough to share some images from the new Dwarf Faction for Kings of War: Vanguard on their blog recently, and anyone who loves playing these stalwart warriors are sure to find a new favorite in the lineup!

First up is the Dwarf Warband set, which includes 10 miniatures; 5 are the already released hard-plastic Dwarf Ironclad figures, which pretty much every Kings of War Dwarf player has five million of already. But, the rest of the box is pretty great stuff, with 3 plastic Ironwatch models, and resin Sergeant, Ranger, and Ironguard models. The sergeant is shown above, and looks like he could do some serious damage with that axe!

Courtesy Mantic Games

Dedicated to the Fulgria, the Goddess of White Fire, the mysterious Flame Priests are able to harness and channel fire into weaponry. They use their knowledge to destroy, as the dwarf Warsmiths use the same powers to create masterworks of metal and engineering.


Courtesy Mantic Games

Veteran marksmen, the Ironwatch spend years mastering their weapons. Having fought in wars for many decades, their experience and skill are invaluable tools to any warband, although the black powder rifles they sometimes bear are appreciated, too.

Courtesy Mantic Games

Younger dwarfs often mock packmasters for work they consider to be beneath a warrior. Such mockery lasts only until the packmaster sets his charges loose – a pack of purebred war dogs with sharp teeth and a taste for ankles.

Courtesy Mantic Games

The Dwarf Reinforcements pack comes with three metal miniatures and will be a nice addition not only to Vanguard, but to traditional Kings of War Dwarf armies as well. A large block of Mantic Dwarf models gets pretty static looking with the limited options available in the plastic range, so a few new sculpts in the ranks should add some more versatility to the Dwarf range without having to plunder some other company’s sculpts.

Courtesy Mantic Games

Shieldbreakers are aggressive fighters, with little to no thought of self-defence. Often encountered on the front lines of an army, these belligerent warriors can also be found joining an advance party; to clash with the enemy all the faster.

Courtesy Mantic Games

Rounding up the new releases is the Steel Juggernaut, a battle-suit forged for massive destruction!

Knorri Ironheart’s personal battle armour, his Juggernaut, has divided opinion amongst the clan lords. Some have placed orders for their own personalised versions, or have their own engineers scrambling to copy the design. Others see it as an affront to warfare and the armour of a coward.

The all-new Dwarf range for Kings of War: Vanguard is available for pre-order at your favorite games retailer! And if they don’t carry Mantic Games yet, they would probably be happy to order it in for you!

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