Corvus Belli Previews New Invincible Army Miniatures for Infinity

Yu Jing, the second most powerful faction in the Human Sphere of Infinity, is about to get some high-powered reinforcements with the Invincible Army starter pack! These all-new figures should be arriving at your local gaming store in mid-January 2019, so get those pre-orders in!

Courtesy Corvus Belli

Let’s break those down from left to right:

Zúyong Invincibles were inspired by the terra-cotta warriors of ancient China; each soldier is meant to embody an unstoppable force that exists merely to protect the ruler of the Yu-Jing Empire.

Not in vain are they considered to be one of the better trained regiments in the Sphere: few can even imagine how rigorous and unforgiving a Yu Jing military academy can be. Perseverance, a radical sense of discipline, an absolute disregard for suffering, a lack of hesitation when asked to make superhuman efforts, and an excellent tactical preparation help explain the nature of the invincibility of these soldiers.

The Invincible Army Starter Set will come with three Zúyong Invincibles miniatures, one armed with a heavy rocket launcher, one with a boarding shotgun, and the third with a combi-rifle.

Next in line is the Lu Xing hacker, equipped with a jump pack and a boarding shotgun for close quarters mayhem!

Second to last is the Daoying OCU, loaded out with a multi-sniper rifle. Rounding out the figures in the new box set is the Haidao SSG. equipped with a combi-rifle.

Corvus Belli has really stepped up their game lately with the Infinity line; figures have been much easier to put together, and the detail packed into each figure has been staggering. If you’re interested in Infinity, you can download the rules for this action packed science fiction skirmish game absolutely free from Corvus Belli here!

Here’s Carlos Bostria with more details and figures from the Invincible Army Starter Set:

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