Comics Depot of Saratoga Springs to Close in a Week's Time

Comics Depot of Saratoga Springs to Close in a Week’s Time

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Comic book store The Comics Depot of Saratoga Springs is closing as of 21st of December with a goodbye gathering on 22 December. Things like this probably didn’t help…

But after the passing of Darren Carrara, co-owner of the Comic Depot on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, after 13 years of ownership two years ago, the store is to close. His widow, Kristi Carrara posted on Facebook,

The time has come, my friends, for the Comic Depot to close its doors on December 22nd. Although we were hoping for a buyer so that the store could continue, I think we can all say that the Comic Depot isn’t the same without Darren. His presence added something to the business that can never be replaced.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for Darren, myself and our kids. The Comic Depot community has truly been like family to us. And although I’m sad that the store will close, I take comfort in knowing that the community Darren built will live on through every friendship that was formed as a result of him. A special thank you to Chris, Lowell, Arin and Grady who have stuck with us until the end. Not sure how I would have made it through without you guys.❤️

Rather than end on a sad note, we’re going to close the store the way Darren would have liked. Join us for beer and pizza on 12/22 as we say our last goodbyes and celebrate Darren’s life.

We had a good run.

Peace to you all,

With a reminder,

Dear Subscribers, As we come to an end I ask that all of you get in the shop as soon as possible to get the rest of your books. Last day of sales will be 12/22, the day of our party. When Darren passed he didn’t have anything to leave the kids aside from the shop so every little bit helps. Please come get your books.
Also anyone who has a gift certificate please come use it asap.
Thank you

And an event for December 22nd,

A Depot farewell party for the ages. Everyone is welcome, there will be pizza and drinks and laughter for all. Meet up and share some stories with the rest of the group!

Our sympathies and commiserations to all. But wisheds for a great end-of-store party.

Bleeding Cool covers the closing – and opening – of comic book stores. We’re more likely to discover the former rather than the latter as the result of an active fanbase, so please let us know when a new store in your neighbourhood is opening:

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