Final Fantasy XV's Comrades Mode Goes Solo Today

Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades Mode Goes Solo Today

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Announced back during PAX East 2018, Final Fantasy XV‘s Comrades expansion has finally launched as a standalone game. Square Enix announced the news on Twitter earlier today. Comrades launched at the end of last year as a multiplayer expansion to the lengthy road trip RPG, but the new version of Comrades no longer requires players to own the base game.



Unlike every other DLC for FFXVComrades takes place six months after the end of the main game. Players take on the role of a Kingsglaive soldier and collect meteor shards to restore power to the kingdom of Lucis though co-op missions. The missions can be undertaken with up to three additional players and focus on hunting and exterminating various monsters around the FFXV map. Gameplay for Comrades is a modified version of the base game’s combat system, and because players take control of a member of the Kingsglaive, they still have the ability to warp. Which should make the transition to controlling someone other than Noctis a bit easier.

Comrades was initally exclusive to Final Fantasy XV‘s Season Pass for PS4 and Xbox One players, but will now be available to those without the pass. However it is still console locked, with no news of a PC edition coming any time soon. Previous announcements about the standalone Comrades edition indicated that the new version will have new creatures like the Daemon Melusine and some new features. Season Pass holders with the original version of Comrades will get those updates as a free download.

The biggest problem with Comrades when it initially launched was its clunky party making system. Hopefully that will be updated in the new version, but we’ve yet to test it out.

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