Is Brian Azzarello Rewriting the Deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman Damned? (Spoilers)

In Batman Damned we saw some rewriting of the lives of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. His parents were shot in Crime Alley, their deaths inspiring Bruce Wayne to become Batman and fight crime in Gotham City.

His parents had usually been portrayed as a happy altruistic couple. Attempts to mess with that over the ears were usually done away with at a later date.

Currently in the regular Batman comic books, a parallel dimension version of Thomas Wayne where Bruce was shot and Thomas became the Batman, has entered our Batman’s world and has been masterminding an exercise intended, it seems, to stop Bruce Wayne from being Batman, tied into the Doomsday Clock storyline with Dr Manhattan changing the continuity.

But what Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo are doing in Batman Damned may be far more damaging to the reputation of the pair.

We have seen in Batman Damned Book One that Thomas Wayne appeared to be engaging in affairs, cheating on his wife Martha.

In Batman Damned Book Two, that relationship seems to be exposed. As Thomas Wayne walks out on Martha.

Their wedding photo smashed…

Martha going to a private detective and seeing the resultant photographs. We are to believe they show Thomas Wayne cheating on Martha.

Where will this lead? A philandering husband, a jilted wife, and an oblivious son, what else is to be rewritten?

Why were the Wayne’s in Crime Alley that late at night? Would they really have been taking their son to the cinema to see Zorro unless there were other plans?

Did Thomas Wayne order a hit on his wife after she said he’d only have Wayne Manor over her dead body? Did Martha Wayne order a hit on her husband for cheating on her? And what will this man for Bruce Wayne – and Batman?

This looks like where Batman Damned may be heading… whenever Book Three comes out.

You know, Clark Kent never had these problems with his Martha.

(W) Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Lee Bermejo
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