Enplex Games Announces New Survival MMO Game Population Zero

Enplex Games Announces New Survival MMO Game Population Zero

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Good news for those of you who love survival MMO titles, as Enplex Games have announced and revealed their latest game, Population Zero. The game has a lot going for it with gaming vets who know how to make an MMO, along with some new elements they haven’t revealed yet. Enjoy the trailer as well as some of the game’s info from the press release today. The game will begin beta testing this winter.

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“From the moment we started working on Population Zero, the game has been through many phases of concept and refining. We are finally able to show the first fruits of what we planned two years ago to the players and in the coming weeks and months, we will start revealing in-depth the main game features. 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for us and for the project since we plan to push the PZ to Open Beta and release soon after that.” – Vladimir Makarichev, Executive Producer

Population Zero is a distinctive blend of survival and MMO set on the planet Kepler, an alien world far on the periphery of mankind’s own knowledge. As with all frontiers, the world will resist those who try to explore it, plumb it for resources, and vie to uncover its secrets. The creatures that inhabit Kepler will become for the player not just a source of valuable resources, but clever and skillful enemies, each of which is unique in its behavior and abilities and has its own role in the ecosystem of the planet.

Research a plethora of technologies to drive you and your faction’s fortunes higher. Uncover a deeply shrouded mystery of the world before you arrived. Develop your character to be unique among the thousands, in a world where the actions you take drive your progress in a multitude of skills. Population Zero is a survival game unlike any other, an MMO different from those before it, and an experience that will bring friends closer together over the shared goal of exploring and conquering the new frontier.

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