GIVEAWAY: Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox Bundle

GIVEAWAY: Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox Bundle

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Are you a Red vs. Blue fan? Do you like all things RvB? Would you like to own a bunch of stuff from one of the longest-running machinima series of all time? Rooster Teeth will be releasing the latest season of the series, The Shisno Paradox, in just a couple weeks on January 1st, and they’ve given us the opportunity to do one major giveaway. I know, you’re probably thinking we’re giving away the Blu-ray… and you’d be right! But, that’s not all. We’re giving away an RvB megapack the includes a Grifball Backpack, a Helmets Keychain, a Classic 5 Panel Cap, a Leather Card Case, and a Vintage Tin Print Set! Yes, all of that in ONE giant giveaway pack.

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So how do you win such a grand cavalcade of prizes? All you have to do is go to Twitter between now and Saturday, December 15th, and post a tweet with the hashtag #BCRvBGiveaway, and post a picture from the series with your favorite RvB quote from THIS season. (And we actually watch RvB, so we’ll know if you’re just posting random crap like Griff to sneak a win.) This contest is only eligible for residents in North America and Canada, any entries without the proper information requested will be disqualified.

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