Operation Wind Bastion is Now Available in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has officially released Operation Wind Bastion into Rainbow Six Siege today, which includes a new map, new operators, and some new toys to play with. The new operation and season came with a couple introduction videos to give you a real idea of what Nomad and Kaid are capable of, as well as what to expect in the map. If you have a Year 3 Pass, you can play them right now, while everyone else will need to wait until December 11th when they’re released to the general public.


Nomad is an attacking Operator who is armed with the Airjab launcher. The Airjab projectiles are sticky proximity charges that release a strong blast of air when triggered, shoving nearby Operators back and knocking them to the ground. On the defending side, Kaid comes armed with Rtila electroclaws; these throwable devices can be deployed on walls, floors, and ceilings. Once active, they electrify all metal reinforcements in their area of effect, including reinforced walls, barbed wire, and deployable shields.

The new map, which is free for all players, is called Fortress. It is a military training facility that doubles as home to Kaid, and its distinctive southern Moroccan architecture will come in handy when calling out enemy positions to your teammates.

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