Streamlabs Launches New AR Facemasks for Added Streamer Revenue

Streamlabs have launched a new set of augmented reality Facemasks for Twitch and YouTube streamers this week with the goal of helping them get more revenue. The program will work like the Snap integration that Twitch has. however, it will have a few differences to it. First off, the viewers are given complete control over which mask appears, which Steamlabs says contributes to more people using their system, so there would be a rise in income. Second, after the initial installation, 100% of the donations will go to the streamer without the company taking a kickback. The program itself will throw a filter over OBS and create a face interaction for the streamer to work with as they talk and play, while the viewers throw in donations to activate them at their leisure. Here’s a quick quote from the announcement.

“Facemasks are tapping into an entirely new audience that may not have been normally interested in tipping,” said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs. “We now realize that Facemasks are deeply additive to the production quality of a stream and could be the next evolution in viewer interaction.”

The system will start with 38 masks to start with and another hundred being created in the meantime to be slowly added to the system. One of the catches is that Facemasks are only available in Streamlabs OBS, but are designed to use minimal resources so the streamer can use it on the same machine their gaming on. You can download and add the program today.

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