Former Final Fantasy XV Director Announces New Studio JP Games

Hajime Tabata, former Game Director for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, announced his new studio today. Tabata left his position as studio head of Square Enix’s Luminous Production on October 31, 2018 in order to establish JP Games. He made the announcement on Facebook (via Gematsu)

From Gematsu:

Hajime Tabata, who directed Final Fantasy XV and left his position as studio head of Square Enix’s Luminous Production on October 31, has announced the establishment of a new company called JP Games.

“I started up my own company called JP Games, Inc.,” Tabata said in a Facebook post. “Right now, we are preparing for a target January 2019 launch. And to everyone who has assisted me until today–I kindly ask for your ongoing support.”

Further information was not announced.

Shortly after Tabata’s departure, Square Enix announced that their large-scale DLC plans for Final Fantasy XV would be cut short. Those plans included four new character-centered DLC focusing on Ardyn Izunia, Lunafreya, and Aranea Highwind. The fourth episode, which was referred to as Episode: Noctics, would have been a complete re-write of the game’s ending. As it stands, only one of the proposed DLC episodes will be released by Square Enix.

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