Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 2nd December 2018 – ‘Ironheart Was The Biggest Marvel Solo Debut In Recent Memory’

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait till the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Heroes In Crisis #3 monsters everyone else in the chart, with Marvel’s top titles grouping together in sales numbers well underneath with DC’s following titles also clumping together… and Ironheart and G Willow Wilson‘s Wonder Woman both make it into the top ten, just outdoing Dead Man Logan’s launch…

Top 10 bestseller list

  1. Heroes in Crisis #3
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #10
  3. Fantastic Four #4
  4. Return Of Wolverine #3
  5. Aquaman/Justice League Drowned Earth #1
  6. Detective Comics #993
  7. Action Comics #1005
  8. Uncanny X-Men #3
  9. Ironheart #1
  10. Wonder Woman #59

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Who had this to say,

Heroes in Crisis #3 is starting to look like Marvel’s Infinity Wars. People just do not care about it. Three issues in and we have the same amount of info and story that could have all been in one issue. Stranger Things 3 made it into our top ten along with Sonic the Hedgehog 11. Marvel only had one book in the top ten for us, Amazing Spider-Man. With the holidays hopefully that just means a lot of Marvel fans were out of town.

Nothing this week was a runaway hit but everything was really solid with Tom King, no surprise, topping the chart. There seemed to be a lot of event type books which were all really well received, Justice League and Aquaman’s recent crossover being a notable seller overall. Ironheart was the biggest Marvel solo debut in recent memory neck and neck with last month’s Shuri. Uncanny X-men seems to be slipping a little but I think it’s just the natural decline we would see at most books 3rd or 4th issues. Where it has settled on the charts is likely where it will stay for the remaining issues.


Heroes in Crisis is the big book this week at FFF selling almost double the copies of our second best selling book, Amazing Spider-Man. Detective Comics from last week managed to break into the top ten on account of us getting replacements for the amazing cover B we were shorted last week. The mid-point of Return of Wolverine and the end of Drowned Earth both sat near the bottom of our Top Ten list. These mini events do well enough at keeping more readers interested than not, but they don’t get new customers in the door. Stranger Things continues to drop readers which is a shame. It isn’t a bad book, but most of the people who were excited to get #1 have never come back to get #2 and #3. I foresee us selling much better on the TPB when that comes out. The big surprise of the week has to be Ironheart which was our FOURTH bestselling book this week. I was hesitant and unsure of how to order the book when it was first announced. Nobody read Invincible Iron Man when she was the lead and the general response to her character has been mixed at best. But giving her her own book with her own title was the best thing Marvel could do. This way she doesn’t seem like she’s riding Iron Man’s coat tails and instead standing as her own character. With a surprisingly good debut, I only hope she can maintain it and stay a top book. It would be nice if she was more an Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and less and Unstoppable Wasp.


Heroes In Crisis unsurprisingly led in sales this week. Other notable bestsellers this week include the new series, Coda (#7) and Books Of Magic (#2).


HEROES IN CRISIS continues to maintain strong Event Comic Momentum for us, and is our best seller this week by a wide margin.

The rest of the top half of our list, however, is entirely Marvel’s territory. Reliable stalwarts like AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and UNCANNY X-MEN are accompanied by RETURN OF WOLVERINE hitting the middle of its run.

Later in the list we see ACTION COMICS, which has maintained mostly steady numbers since Bendis took over writing duties. Most notable this week, is we don’t have a *single* Bat-title until we hit DETECTIVE COMICS at the seventh spot on the list. I’m not going to go back and check every entry, but I’m fairly sure we’ve had a Batbook in the top 5 every week since I started writing these.


Marvel takes number one with Fantastic Four #4, which is memorable. What is doubly memorable, though, is that for the first time since Rebirth, Action Comics took neither first nor second place, but came in at fourth place! Readers are bailing from both Superman and Action because they don’t feel that enough is happening–and what IS happening, they don’t like very much. Detective Comics also slumped to seventh place, while Daredevil leapt into the Top Ten on the strength of the series “finale.”

With notable sales

  • Spawn #1 VF $25 – Spawn is in the water in these parts. I sell dozens a year, it’s gotta be one of the all-time back issue bestsellers.
  • Silver Surfer #3 vg/f $80 – We sold the first Mephisto recently. A bit beat up but the collection it came in was spectacular. A long box and a half of all silver books in various shape and grade. The Silver Surfers were by far the coolest find in between some Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.

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