Shatterstar is Here for “The Meat” in Next Week’s Shatterstar #3

Shatterstar’s life has really been turned upside down lately. He was living peacefully as the landlord of an apartment building for interdimensional rejects when, out of nowhere, all of his tenants were kidnapped by a team of mercenaries led by his old mentor/lover, Gringrave.

Now, he’s had to travel to the planet Horus IV to try to get them back, but it isn’t Mojo pulling the strings this time, but rather The Grandmaster, capitalizing on that Thor Ragnarok revitalization. Yeah, Shatterstar has got a lot of bad things coming his way lately, so he deserves a little relaxation. And on Horus IV, up on The Mount, there’s others who are perfectly willing to help him with that…

Wait, is there a difference? Does Horus IV have Arbys?

Well, we do suppose there’s hardly any time for that with only three issues left of this mini-series and lots of tenants to save from dying. Nobody ever said the life of a landlord would be easy.

Shatterstar #3 hits stores next Wednesday.

Shatterstar #3 (of 5)
(W) Tim Seeley (A) Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Yasmine Putri
Shatterstar’s past as an extradimensional gladiator comes back to haunt him in the present…and his future’s no guarantee! Sharpen your double bladed sabers, True Believers, and get ready to fight!
Rated T+
In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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