Dead By Daylight’s Next Killer May Actually Freak Us Out

Dead By Daylight has found a new life on Twitch and YouTube after Behaviour Interactive committed themselves to frequently add new content and killers. Some have been fun to play with kile the Huntress throwing axes and film additions like Michael Myers from the Halloween series. Others have been perplexing, like The Clown, which I rarely see anyone get all four people killed with unless someone throws the game. But the next DLC pack, has what appears to be one of the scariest additions they may add in the game.

credit//Behavior Interactive

The devs have slowly been teasing a new masked killer in a hoodie who seems to have taken residence at an abandoned snow resort. Just looking at the build and weapon of this killer, it looks like we’re getting another small and slender character, kind of like the Hag, with a knife that might just work like Myers’ knife does to a degree. Today, the devs revealed that they have officially launched everything into the PTR servers, as the new DLC will be called “Darkness Among Us”. Below are the notes of all three new additions, but no word yet as to when they’ll be added to the main game.


Welcome to Ormond, Alberta. Surrounded by an impressive mountain range, The Ormond Slopes Resort now lies derelict. The resort fell into disuse. Ormond’s resort was abandoned to decay, and then became a hideout for gangs of teenagers looking for trouble. Some people say it hid a darkness, a bottomless hole from where no one could return.


When teenagers get involved with an impulsive mastermind, they discover an addictive kind of freedom. Together, they spiral out of control and become the wrong kind of crowd. Players will choose to embody one of the agile teenagers able to catch Survivors off-guard with their power, Feral Frenzy.


Jeff is an artist with a heart of gold. One morning, he got a phone call from Ormond, Alberta. Home. Jeff revisited the home he left behind, but he should never have looked back.

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