Out Run Will Come to SEGA Ages in 2019

One of the greatest and most frustrating arcade racing titles, Out Run, will be making it’s way to SEGA Ages in 2019 after Phantasy Star. The game achieved popularity in the late ’80s for being one of the few games in arcades where you sat in a physical car to play it, later being turned into an upright cabinet with a shift stick. The game has remained popular with collectors, eventually becoming a top-seller with home consoles in late 1987. Now the game will be added to the 3DS version of SEGA Ages, presented in 60fps and widescreen. This will also include some new tracks to crash your car by, because let’s be honest, you’re going to be flipping your car a LOT. No official date has been released yet, but we’re guessing it will be before the end of Q2 in 2019.


In the beautiful scenery of Europe, it is a grandfather drive game running around with a sports car on masterpieces. I put a blonde beautiful woman on a sports car that is red, and I will run through all 15 courses that branch off. While enjoying the beauty of the scenery of each course, it is attractive that you can enjoy it as if you were driving rather than racing. The branched course can choose 16 different routes, and it is fun to try various courses. Each stage covers a wide range including deserts, huge stone gates, old townscapes, streets with windmills. In the original version, choosing BGM from 3 types at the start of the game was also a big topic, and the record released at that time also became the best seller.

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