Bryan Edward Hill Talks Temporary Disappearance of Batman And The Outsiders

Bryan Edward Hill has been talking about yesterday’s Bleeding Cool about DC Comics cancelling retailer orders for the first three issues of Batman And The Outsiders, scheduled to have been published in December, January and February. With a plan to resolicit the comic at a later date.

I mean, he hasn’t actually read our story. But he has read reaction to it.

Could this be Cassandra Cain? Heroes In CrisisDoomsday Clock? Black Lightning? All sorts of possibilities.

Weirdly, at the same time, DC Comics was telling retailers that their orders would be cancelled and the book resolicited, they also released this Stjepan Sejic variant cover for issue 1. Which is coincidental, considering that DC Comics cancelled orders and demanded extensive rewrites (and redraws) on Justice League Odyssey. Thankfully it seems that nothing similar is happening with Batman And The Outsiders.

The earliest it can return will be in March 2018.

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