We Tried to Break Everything We Could Testing Out Just Cause 4

A couple weeks ago, we got the awesome opportunity to go visit with the folks at Avalanche Studios and Square Enix and test out Just Cause 4. The event was basically a chance for us to be kids on a playground with the developers nearby to test everything out, and let me tell you, I tried to break everything I could to see how well this game held up.

credit//Square Enix

So when you enter into the Just Cause universe, you know it’s insane from the get-go. Your wingsuit, your zipcord, your guns, the organizations you’re fighting. It’s all insane. Having an island country filled with weather patterns that don’t belong in the environment they’re in just kinda kicks that insanity into overdrive. First off, I don’t need vehicles when getting around, because everything that requires transportation is just a matter of me sticking the cord and flying with my suit. I was an assassin version of Spider-Man. Some of the best things to do is to hook onto vehicles¬†on the highway and gain speed from their momentum to fly.

We had two different sessions, the first being to try out one of the missions. I got to help out some of the locals who didn’t exactly enjoy having an army dictate what they could do and how they put everyone in danger, so we went around as freedom fighters blowing everything up that they had control over. While parts of it were awesome, this game is definitely¬†a challenge for anyone who isn’t used to thinking on their feet. There was a moment where my car kept getting blown up, and so even after completing the primary mission, I was stuck with regenerating enemies until I died. It sucks, but it’s also my fault for putting the car in the open. So even missions that look like smash-and-run meeting aren’t so simple. You’ll need to think way ahead on a lot of things.

The second part we were given the freedom to go do whatever we wanted int he game with some of our expanded weapons. My primary focus was trying to see what I could create with the tools at my disposal. I came across a Ferris Wheel with cars that I could attach balloons to the top of and make the cart float. I got it to work a couple of times and even got inside the cart to see a lovely view of the island. But after flying too far into the air, the cart disappeared and I fell to Earth. So, score one for me in that department, but everything else I tried kept the universe intact. I was pleased but a little upset I couldn’t do much more damage to break things. It did give me a glimmer of hope as they showed a tank being lifted by balloons to fly overhead and shoot at buildings, which means they went to great lengths to make sure everything could be messed with in a sandbox enviroment.

credit//Square Enix

I really enjoyed messing around in the world of Just Cause 4. It gave me a good sense of what to expect from the game, which in my eyes is me playing super soldier to fight against Cobra if they owned an island in G. I. Joe. The game will be released on December 4th and we can’t wait to try it out!

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