Twitch Officially Announces a European Expansion to TwitchCon

Good news for European Twitch streamers this week, as Twitch announced today they’ll be expanding to Europe with a second event. The social streaming platform will be giving European streamers an easier time getting to a con by providing one of their own, which they’ve dubbed TwitchCon Europe, and it will take place in Berlin, Germany in April from the 13th-14th at Berlin’s CityCube. The event will run much like the one in North America does, just catering more to streamers in countries who may not be able to afford the long trip to the states. Here’s a brief quote from their statement this morning.


“TwitchCon was created to celebrate and inspire everyone who plays a role in the Twitch community,” said Kate Jhaveri, Chief Marketing Officer, Twitch. “It’s a vibrant, growing, and global community and we’re excited to bring TwitchCon to Europe for the first time. While there will be a lot of familiar elements to anyone who has ever attended TwitchCon in the US, we’re taking inspiration from the location and distinct cultures across the region to ensure the experience is relevant to all the audiences.”

According to the company, Berlin was chosen because it was one of the “top performing countries in terms of both streamers and viewership” and is also ideal “based on proximity to attractions and accommodations, and its accessibility to those traveling from out of the country”. With TwitchCon now attracting game developers to set up at their event, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects gaming conventions in the spring. Especially big names like PAX East, to see if indie and major developers and publishers in Europe decide to change plans.

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