How is Your Walmart Displaying Those 100-Page Exclusive DC Comics?

Jerrod Hugenot looked into his local Walmart store to find the exclusive DC Comics 100-Page Giants titles. And wasn’t impressed with what he found. He writes,

I read that the new Superman was supposed to be on shelves at Walmart on Sunday. I visited two in my area. No luck either time……

The first one had to use the pop culture aisle for check out due to holiday uptick for Thanksgiving Day food shopping. I stood in line to even just see what they had in that shelf area. Pretty much DC holiday specials and nothing new.

The other Walmart had given up on using special shelf units provided by DC. Instead, everything was jumbled up as pictured.

I am not clairvoyant but I suspect that there will be very very few high-grade copies of these Walmart specials to pass down to any further generations or collectors……

Have you seen any other DC Comics displays at Walmart to rival this one? Do get in touch…


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