Subnation Partners With DreamHack as Their Cultural Experience Partner

DreamHack has formed a new partnership in time for DreamHack Atlanta 2018, as Subnation will join them as their Cultural Experience Partner. The short version to the partnership is that they’ll be working on bringing in other forms of entertainment beyond the gaming aspect so that those attending get a full experience of fun even when their particular game isn’t happening. That includes bringing in creative services company Big Block for some musical performances at the event. We have a few quotes about the partnership below, but you can check out the event live on Twitch right now as it runs until November 19th.


“Big Block and their Subnation brand of entertainment allows DreamHack to deliver a higher-level live experience beyond of our already premium event elements, and accelerates the involvement of their long-standing brand relationships into our world-class gaming and esports festival”, said Justin Burnham, Global Creative Director at DreamHack. “Together, we plan to deliver our attendees, players, partners and sponsors with a truly elevated experience.”

“We created Subnation from the same inherent fabric of gaming and esports experience that only our team has, which is why brands like Volkswagen, Red Hat, Plantronics and others are trusting us to usher them into the world of gaming and the cultural harmonies associated with it,” said Seven Volpone, CEO at Subnation and Big Block. “We’re curating the shared affinities of gamers like art, fashion and music, and giving the audience a one-of-a-kind experience created specifically for the communities that share these passions.”

“Hundreds of millions of young people around the world are shaping a new future that is no longer bound by traditional views on what a sport, athlete or “video game player” is,” said Tom Flanagan, Chief Content & Innovation Officer at Big Block and Subnation. “Now is not the time for brands to resist, over-analyze, or sit on the sidelines and watch – the speed at which this culture moves will ensure that it will not be there for your brand when you’re “ready” for it.”

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