The Bella Twins Want to Fight the Kardashians in a Wrestling Match

The Bella Twins Want to Fight the Kardashians in a Wrestling Match

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The Bella Twins may have transcended wrestling as reality show stars and entrepreneurs, but while you can take the Bella Twins out of the WWE, you can’t take the WWE out of the Bella Twins. Nikki and Brie were interviewed by E! Online prior to the People’s Choice awards, and they had an interesting answer when asked who they’d like to take on in a wrestling match.

First, Nikki Bella was asked about her Evolution match against Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

“It was crazy to get in the ring, not only with an Olympic athlete, but an Olympic athlete that is a master of judo, and just learning that type of training to try to have that defense against it was incredibly tough,” Nikki answered. “But I still managed to lose. Whatever. Rematch!”

Asked who they’d like to take on next, Nikki responded: “I honestly think what would be really good is the Kardashians.”

“The Kardashians vs. the Bella Twins,” Brie agreed. “I think that’s a good match.”

Is it, Brie?

What do you think, dear readers?

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