Valve is Hosting a Preview Tournament for Artifact Tomorrow

To prepare for the launch of their newest game Artifact at the end of this month, Valve is running a preview tournament for the game this weekend. Starting tomorrow, 128 players will compete in Artifact matches for a modest prize pool. The point of the tournament is more to show off the game and get players interested in buying it, but $10,000 USD is still a pretty nice prize to take home.

Coinciding with the tournament is the start of pre-orders for the game as well as the Card Set and Deck Code API tools to assist creators and get card sharing off the ground. Pre-orders for the game go live tomorrow at 9am PST, while both new API tools are available now on The download page also has some information on how to best use the tools.

The Artifact Preview Tournament will start tomorrow at 9am PST. Beyond the Summit is picking up hosting  duties for the tournament broadcast on SteamTV. The tourney is an all-draft event with a 7-round Swiss bracket on Saturday. Sunday will feature a single-elimination bracket format to decide the winner from the top 8 players. Festivities begin at 9AM PST both days.

The coolest bit about the tournament is that it will be run through an in-client tournament system which will be available for everyone to use on launch day. So, you can actually host your own Artifact tournaments once the game launches.

Artifact is set to launch on November 28th, 2018 exclusively for Steam.

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