Wonder Woman, Diana Prince: The 50th Anniversary Omnibus Changes Name to Something Less Confusing

It looks like the title of this upcoming Wonder Woman Omnibus confused a few people.

Originally solicited as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince: The 50th Anniversary Omnibus, celebrating 50 years after Wonder Woman took the Diana Prince identity in the sixties and became a kick-ass Avengers-style ‘chick’.

But it seems that some folk have been pointing out that Wonder Woman as a character is older than that. So what’s with this fiftieth anniversary nonsense?

Well, to spare the same conversation playing out in comic stores across the land, DC Comics has now renamed the volume, Wonder WOman: Diana Prince: Celebrating The ’60s Omnibus – and it will be made returnable at a later date.

But that may also have something to do with the price jumping from $100 to $125…

Now collected in its entirety for the first time ever: Wonder Woman–a super-hero no more! As secret agent Diana Prince, she takes on international crime with the help of her new mentor, the mysterious I-Ching.

In these stories from the late 1960s, Wonder Woman leaves her super-powers behind to become an ultra-mod, globetrotting secret agent. With a new costume and a new attitude, Diana Prince fights crime like never before! These adventures, from such comics luminaries as Dennis O’Neil, Robert Kanigher, Mike Sekowsky and more, have remained uncollected for years until this oversize omnibus edition!

No Wonder Woman collection is complete without this legendary part of her deep history, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince Omnibus (50th Anniversary Edition)!Collects Wonder Woman #178-204, Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #93, The Brave and the Bold #87 and #105and World’s Finest Comics #204.

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