Report: WWE Raw Will No Longer Run Past 11PM

Ever since the epic d***-measuring contest between Vince McMahon and Eric Bishoff known as the Monday Night Wars, WWE’s flagship television show, Monday Night Raw, has had the luxury of running longer than its supposed end time of 11PM. But with no real competition for the Fed in decades, USA Network is finally putting the kibosh on Raw’s flexible schedule, at least according to a report from

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Monday Night Raw will end strictly at 11PM beginning next week and for the foreseeable future, you know, unless a billionaire with a TV network purchases a rival wrestling organization and tries to compete for the timeslot. Smackdown Live, which aires on USA on Tuesdays, already has a hard stop at 10PM, though that show is moving to Fox in 2019 and it remains to be seen how they’ll treat the live broadcast.

While not a huge deal, the overrun of Raw and, back in the day, Monday Nitro, lends a little bit of credibility to the sport of pro wrestling. After all, if these matches aren’t scripted, then how could they possibly end at exactly the right time every week? On the other hand, Raw tends to be mercilessly long at over 3 hours, so any reduction in time will be a welcome change for some.

How do you feel about it?

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