Mark Millar Confirms Why Taron Egerton Isn’t in the Next Kingsman Movie

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Yesterday we got news that actor Taron Egerton is not returning to the Kingsman series for the next outing. The outing, which until recently was assumed to be Kingsman 3, has been rumored to be a prequel but there hasn’t been any confirmation one way or another. When the movie was announced it was announced as Kingsman 3 which would imply a sequel.

It looks like that isn’t the case and the movie will be a prequel. While 20th Century Fox didn’t clear up that confusion, the movie is still listed as Kingsman 3 on IMDB for example, Kingsman creator Mark Millar took to Twitter when he saw some confusion from some outlets regarding Egerton’s absence from the movie.

There were also rumors that a Kingsman prequel and sequel would shoot back to back and Millar appears to have confirmed that we have at least two more entries into this series. That isn’t that surprising considering how well both entries have done at the box office.

We also get a confirmed production start date, the beginning of 2019, so we can assume this is the movie with the November 8, 2019 release date. That’s quite a quick turnaround but part of the charm of the original, and to a lesser extent, the sequel was that they weren’t huge spectacle pieces.

They had small budgets but knew how to use them. Director and writer Matthew Vaughn is a master at using his small budget effectively and we can hope he does the same for this prequel. If they are starting production early next year we should expect some casting announcements very soon so stay tuned.

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