Infinity Wars #5 Brings The Issue of Consent Into the Infinity Warps

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Last month, we asked if Marvel Comics has killed of Ms Kang without a by your leave in Infinity Wars #4. The character created by merging Ms Marvel and Kang had lived a full and independent life after their identities were merged by Nebula, wielding the Infinity Stones.

And she wasn’t the only one, the same thing was done to Little Monster and Wolveremma.

But the morality of that wasn’t even questioned. We looked to Star Trek: Voyager, Tuvix, a person created by a teleportation accident, merging Neelix and Tuvok created a composite being who most definitely did not consent to being split back again into two beings, as that would kill himself. But then Captain Janeway did it anyway, raising a host of moral and ethical demands and judgement upon her character.

And it seemed that Infinity Wars was ignoring this basic consequence of Nebula’s actions, merging half the lifeforms of the universe with the other.

Well, looks like Stephen Rogers, the Soldier Supreme, merged between Doctor Strange and Captain America, might have something to say about all that.

So… who is going to be Captain Janeway in this scenario? Like Tuvix, this character does seem to be rather handy…

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