The CBLDF Reminds Comic Book Fans Than the Midterms Are About a Lot More Than the Guy In Charge

Patricia Mastricolo of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is reminding comic book readers about the variety of electoral positions up for grabs in today’s midterm elections in the USA, rather than whether or not Republicans will retain control of Congress.

Including how much education decision making occurs ar a state and local level, including school board elections, with 400 spread across the country.

She quotes Erik Robelen‘s article Education and the 2018 Elections,

“These elections can have a profound impact. After all, school boards set local policy and regulations, hire the superintendent, adopt the curriculum, and oversee implementation of state and federal requirements. They also oversee millions — and in the case of some large districts, billions — of dollars in education funding.”

And Emily Richmond of, writing that

“In non-presidential election years, when voter turnout is often substantially lower across the board, school board races are often decided by a small fraction of the eligible voters. (Many voters simply skip those items on the ballot, in fact.)”

Mastricolo reminds us that school board members are often behind what comic books and graphic novels get accepted or banned in school libraries and curricula, with the school board often having the final say.

It’s a worthwhile reminder that these elections aren’t all about the guy at the top who isn’t even on the ballot, or even those in a position to support or block him. There’s plenty more going on as well.

The website, lets you know what’s on your ballot wherever you live and they have more information about school board elections and seats right here.

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