Frostkeep Studios Reveals Two New Modes for Rend

Frostkeep Studios announced this morning that they’ll be adding two new modes in the PTR servers for their game Rend. The two modes in question will be called Classic and Exploration, both of which we have proper descriptions for you below. These additions also come with changes to Research Sparks and Ascension Points, which people have been begging to be adjusted since the game went into beta.

credit//Frostkeep Studios

The new modes, Classic and Exploration, will unshackle the world of Rend for players, delivering open-ended gameplay free from pre-established factions and shielded strongholds. Players will be free to weave their own solitary tale in Rend as they encounter other players, deciding whether to remain independent or work collaboratively. Unlike the original game mode – now called Faction War – Ascension through spirit collection will not be a win condition and Reckonings will not occur in the new modes – promoting uninterrupted gameplay on persistent 60-player servers.

In Classic, players will be able to battle for supremacy by laying siege to each others’ bases, waging PvP wars, capturing Control Points, and collecting player bounties. While Exploration offers a purely PvE experience, without the ability to attack other players or their bases. Both modes allow players to band together in clans, and all progression is per-character and there will be no reputation system. Spirits remain harvestable, rewarding XP and Spirit Residue – though Yggdrasil’s spirit totals will remain unchanged.

credit//Frostkeep Studios

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