Pokémon GO Reveals November’s Community Day Details

As we slowly make our way to the next Pokémon GO community day event, we’re getting a few more details about what it will entail. The focus this time around will end up being on Quilava, who will learn a new fire-type move called Burn Blast, which the company showed off a little bit of imagery for on their Twitter account today.

The downside that many are pointing out is that the game’s current meta when it comes to fire attacks basically makes this move null-in-void, as it’s not as powerful as some other fire-type attacks you’ll encounter in Pokémon GO. So while it’s nice to earn, it’s basically a token prize at this point that won’t do much in terms of accomplishing anything you can’t already do within the Cyndaquil family of Pokémon. But enjoy playing the event!

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