Overwatch Currently Has Six Characters in the Works

Talking at BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard revealed that there are currently six characters in the works for Overwatch behind the scenes.


Overwatch is in a good place right now. The game has just held its second World Cup, its ambitious league is expanding and it is about ready to bring in a new character. The new character, Ashe, looks to be a neat new addition too. She looks to be in the Widowmaker/Genji high skill ceiling bracket, which is great. The game could use another high skill character. However, what are the plans past her?

Well, they seem pretty extensive. At BlizzCon last weekend, it was revealed that Blizzard has a very good idea of what lies ahead. Speaking to Eurogamer, Jeff Kaplan said that Overwatch currently has six characters in the works for the future. Importantly, he suggested that the robot in the Reunion short, Echo, was one of them. He said:

We have our next six heroes planned out right now which, for us, is years. She [Ehco], tentatively, is one of those heroes.

Of course, none of this should be surprising. Blizzard obviously makes big plans far into the future years in advance. However, what is interesting is that the meta of Overwatch, by it’s competitive nature, will mean the team will have to be adaptive. What would be interesting to know, though I suspect we will never find out, is how far in advance the team picks up on possible meta ‘problems’ before they happen. Do they tackle them before they happen or do