Icelandic Viking Witch Gore in Kasey Pierce's Seeress

Icelandic Viking Witch Gore in Kasey Pierce’s Seeress

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Kasey Pierce writes,
My name is Kasey Pierce, writer and flagship creator for Source Point Press. I’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for my latest comic venture, Seeress. I’m humbled and delighted to say we were fully funded in less than 14 hours and listed as Kickstarter’s, Projects We Love. 
Seeress is a gore-paved journey to the southern shores of Iceland in the late 900s–to a time of Viking witches. Four self-contained stories are planned for the series, illustrated by Jay Jacot.

Writing wasn’t fun anymore.

After the release of my novella, Pieces of Madness, and sci-fi comic series, Norah, I became a panderer. I hated it. The “walk away and come back to it” routine had me thinking I might not come back at all…

Then I remembered the feeling—how I felt when I wrote about bioweapons and women skinning their husbands.


So here I am, having fun again, with violence, sex, and Heavy Metal. Also remembering there was a time when strong, barbaric women were airbrushed on the sides of vans, I set out to create a comic that empowered women and seduced everyone.

SEERESS is Norse mythology meets The Craft; remnant of Heavy Metal. A gore-paved journey to the Southern shores of Iceland in a time of Viking witches. There are four self-contained stories in this series illustrated by Jay Jacot (The Tao of Snarky).

When I asked Jay if he was familiar with Heavy Metal, his response was “It’s the reason I became an illustrator”.


His line work is unparalleled, and his colors are spellbinding.

I love working with new editors too. I linked up with Allison O’Toole shortly after the release of her all-female monster anthology, Wayward Sisters. Given that the raw, gritty facets of this story are more often seen as part of a boy’s club, it was important to me to hire a strong female to carve my strong voice. MAN, this script became POWERFUL once she was on board. She’s absolutely amazing at what she does and I believe we’ve created hell of a realm.

The Kickstarter is to fund the first issue, Reckless. (in its final stages of production) I’m SO EXCITED AND HUMBLED to say that we were fully funded in 14 hours! From original art, to tarot readings, to spell candles, we have a SLEW of fun rewards.

This is comics. Shouldn’t we be having fun?

The campaign ends at midnight Thurs, Nov 15th.

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