Gamers Are Questioning a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Attack

This seems to be the weekend of complaints, anger, and accusations against gaming as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting flack as well. A thread has been running on Reset Era this week calling attention to a specific attack from the character Mr. Game & Watch. The move is a reference to one of their old-school handheld titles called Fire Attack from 1982, in which you are a cowboy defending a fort from Native Americans trying to set it on fire. Keen-eyed fans have found the move inside promotional material for SSBU, and have now questioned why Nintendo would throw in imagery that would now be considered racially insensitive.

Especially since Nintendo has removed this kind of imagery from the game once before, as someone was quick to post on Twitter that they removed the headdresses altogether and changed the characters into bandits.

We’ll see if Nintendo responds to the controversy that’s being stirred up, but so far, the majority of voices would like it removed while there’s a small set of people who don’t seem to care since its a reference to the game’s history.

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