Fabled Four, a Comic Made of Pixels

Jamie Me writes,

In my group of friends we have a pixel artist, a writer and a comic letterer. About a year ago I, the writer, brought up that it would be awesome if we could figure out how to put our skills together and create a comic book.

The book we created is the Fabled Four. It's a fantasy story about a group of thirty-something year olds that are saddled with student debt, barely make ends meet, and who are in dire need of a new life direction. After Sam's living arrangements change a mad idea is brought up… what if they try get right and famous by climbing to the top floor of a magical tower that's never been conquered? What could go wrong!

As a group we took inspiration from living in Yorkshire (UK), the dialogue especially, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, and British comedies like the Inbetweeners and Red Dwarf. If you are a fan of banter, adventure stories and RPG's there is something for you.

One of the most exciting aspects of creating a comic made of pixels were learning all the unique rules that comes with the style, and then making them work with the rules of comics. For example, the comic lettering had to be pixel perfect, but at the same time we had to abide by established rules like the tails emanating from the middle of the balloon, and curling towards the mouth.

After a year of hard work we've now taken the project to Kickstarter, and you can check it out on there right now by clicking here. If you like what you see a back would be awesome, or a share would help spread the word.

Let us know what you think in the comments section too. Love hearing from everyone, and always eager to get feedback.


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