The Price Of Exclusivity: Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau TPB Jumps Five Bucks

Bleeding Cool pointed out that Marvel Comics was putting out a trade paperback containing the stories of Monica Rambeau, a previous Captain Marvel who was a member and leader of the Avengers. But that it was being kept exclusive to comic book stores, which seemed an attempt not to confuse the book market with a black Captain Marvel when the movie, and more contemporary comics, feature a white Captain Marvel (even one who is half Kree). But that comic store customers were more than capable of handling such a concept. And it seemed a rather refreshing acknowledgement of the abilities of comic store readers to accept just a concept.

Well, it now seems that concept comes at an added price as the sticker for that particular volume has just jumped from $29.99 to $34.99.

But it will be exclusive to comic stores, isn’t it? .. If so look for this listing to be deleted at some point?

(W) Roger Stern, David Michelinie, More (A) John RomitaJr, Sal Buscema, More
Before Carol Danvers took the name Captain Marvel, the mantle was held by Monica Rambeau! A police lieutenant with the remarkable power to transform into energy, Monica began as a reluctant super hero – but soon rose through the ranks to become field leader of the mighty Avengers! Now, witness Monica’s debut; her earliest encounters with Spider-Man and the Avengers; and an interdimensional team-up with Thanos’ brother, Starfox! Monica clashes with Powderkeg and the Sons of the Serpent in little-seen solo tales – but what prompts her to give up the name of Captain Marvel and evolve into the next phase of her heroic career? Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #16, AVENGERS (1963) #227 and #279, MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #142-143, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1989) #1, CAPTAIN MARVEL (1994) #1, and AVENGERS UNPLUGGED #5; and material from SOLO AVENGERS #2 and MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #42 and #57.
Rated T In Shops: Jan 30, 2019

SRP: $34.99

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