‘Diamond Would Do Me A Favour If They Cancelled My Account’ – Dennis Barger, the Comic Retailer Who Loves Amazon

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Dennis Barger is a longstanding comic book retailer in the Detroit area. After suffering a heart attack, having surgery and recovering from the operation, he seems to be filled with a new joie de vivre. A spring in his step. And with Dennis, that’s going to have to be a big spring. Yesterday he went on a big anti-Diamond rant that we mentioned on the Thank FOC It’s Friday inaugural edition.

Today however he wanted to do something about it, announcing the 2nd of November as an independence day for comic books from relying on Diamond Comic Distributors. And his saviour in these troubled times? Amazon Marketplace.

In a couple of Facebook videos using white boards and diagrams, he laid out how many comic stores currently work and lose money, and how they could work with an Amazon Marketplace account and make money by, as he calls it, ‘feeding the beast’. With the observation that the more you sell and the more you make available for Amazon to sell, the more Amazon allow people to buy from you, It’s all part of the algorithm.

We’ve grabbed those videos, sliced them together (though Dennis does insist on filming in portrait). The first video is his Diamond Comic Distributors takedown…

The second is his Amazon Marketplace build up. In which he makes the claim in the headline, that he is buying comics without Diamond and selling them without Diamond and making far more money this way.

Will you take up his challenge and declare today to be Independence Day for Comic Book Retailers? Or will you tap your head like Obelix , declaring ‘that crazy Dennis…’

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