The Daily LITG – 1st November 2018 – Harley Quinn Vs Batman

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Top five read stories yesterday

  1. Harley Quinn as Good as Batman? That’s What Superman Thinks in Heroes In Crisis #2…
  2. Before You Kill Off An Original X-Man, Always Make Literary References (Extermination #4 Spoilers) 
  3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ‘The Nightman Cometh’: A Looketh Back
  4. Laurie Strode Is Not Michael Myers’s Sister for a Reason in New ‘Halloween’ Film
  5. 10 DC Comics Covers Revealed From Jenny Frison, Mark Brooks, Josh Middleton and More 

Happening today:

Happy birthdays to:

  • Writer of Cat & Mouse and editor on Malibu’s Ultraverse, Roland Mann.
  • Writer, editor and publisher of TPub Comics, Neil Gibson.
  • Sean Clark, manager of Hourglass Comics & Games in British Columbia
  • Creator of Kaijumax and The Replacement God, artist on Top 10, Zander Cannon.
  • Co-creator of Black Cherry Bombshells and Moon Girl, Johnny Zito

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