Square Enix Will Add Audio to The Quiet Man Sometime Next Week

If you’re going to play a game about a deaf protagonist like The Quiet Man, you’d think removing the audio would be a key ingredient. At least, that’s the way the game was designed to be from developer Human Head and publisher Square Enix. But… for those gamers out there who refuse to play a game that is somewhat true-to-form, you’re going to be getting a cheat in about a week. The developers will be sending along an “Answered” update that will add sounds and allow you to understand the dialogue said around you. Which defeats the entire purpose of the game.

credit//Square Enix

I’m not going to scream at a bunch of developers for the update, nor can I really blame the publisher. This addition is being done simply because they know there’s a portion of gamers out there that probably won’t play this game very long if they’re forced to play it without the audio. And that’s depressing that those kind of players have influenced the company enough to take what was meant to be a unique experience and are installing a backdoor for lazy gamers. If you truly like The Quiet Man, take our advice: don’t use it.

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