Nintendo Reveals The Last Pieces of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Reveals The Last Pieces of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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This morning, Nintendo dropped a new Nintendo Direct video that showed off everything the company had left on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Among the big reveals that took place today are that there are only two, not seven, final characters added to the main roster of the game with Ken Masters from Street Fighter and Incineroar from the Pokémon franchise. The company also revealed that they will add an exclusive character for people who pre-order the game in the form of the Piranha Plant.

What’s more, there will be new fighters created over the next calendar year and released one at a time as paid-for DLC, which will include a new stage and music tracks. However, the company has not started working on them yet as they’re finishing the game. Each character will cost $6, unless you buy the fighter pass for $25.


We also got a better look at the story mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate called “World of Light” which explains why all of these other characters you see in the game are not playable but are simply spirits. Also, these spirits are what is replacing the trophy system in the game as each one will give your character added bonuses when equipped. There’s a lot to unpack from this update, so along with the pictures we have here, we’ve included the complete 40-minute Nintendo Direct video for you to check out.

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