Marvel 2019 Calendars Coming to Comic Stores Who Order Enough Fantastic Four #5

Okay this is the deal.

Comic stores that order as many Fantastic Four #5, featuring the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters (honest this time) will receive a free bundle of 25 Marvel calendars, to sell or give away or cover the store in, dealers choice.

If you don’t want to order that many Fantastic Four #5 (especially since Fantastic Four #2 had the actual return of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Valeria and Franklin, to the Marvel Universe) then stores can also pay hard cash for a bundle or seven as well.

The reason we mention this is that Marvel Comics does have a tendency to sneak in a tease for something in the following year when no one is looking.

The 2018 Calendar featured Conan, ahead of the announcement they were getting the license back. And that the Fantastic Four were to return. The 2016 Calendar also showed us how serious Marvel was about not promoting the X-Men.

What will 2019 bring? Here’s what the 2018 Calendar looked like…

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